Diversity in Investment

Diversity in Investment

Enabling performance by unleashing talent in global capital markets through diversity

Opening opportunities for diverse groups in finance and investment worldwide

Diversity in Investment

Increasing the presence of diverse talent in investment and management roles in the financial industry

Despite progress, diverse groups remain underrepresented in senior corporate management everywhere, including G7 countries.

Institutional investors and asset managers face challenges in this respect, and the relatively low number of women and individuals from diverse groups who choose careers in finance and investment is often mentioned as a significant contributing factor. Because of their size and reach, global investors are well positioned to lead by example and exert a powerful influence on the industry.

Commited to tracking progress and making an impact on sectors with an underrepresentation of diverse talent, the Diversity in Investment initiative aims to open opportunities for diverse talent in finance and investment worldwide and to increase the presence of diverse talent in investment and management roles in the financial industry.

The initiative focusses its efforts on the four following pillars:

  1. Attracting and Retaining Talents
    Evolve perceptions by demonstrating that women can be successful in the investment management industry.
  2. Influencing Decision Makers
    Engage ILN leaders on the importance of a diverse talent pool and factor gender diversity throughout investment processes, both internally and with our partners.
  3. Rethinking the Workplace
    Ensure that organizations are gender neutral and more inclusive in order to drive top talents’ fulfillment as well as innovation and business performance.
  4. Building Accountability
    Report metrics to increase transparency on gender diversity, and effect change through measurable and observable commitments.

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